Investor relations

Invest Gippsland provides support, not only to potential new investors, but also existing investors that have established themselves in Gippsland. It is our aim to support you to establish your business in Gippsland, assist you to progress market opportunities and help make your pathway to further success as easy as possible. Invest Gippsland can introduce you to local government organisations at national, regional and local levels and get you in touch with private businesses, research institutions and industry associations. We’ll help you screen and identify appropriate contacts and suitable programs to help grow your business.

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Networking opportunities

Stay connected with Gippsland’s people, locations and services through our networking events and dedicated LinkedIn group. Our networking events focus on a range of location and business related topics, giving you the chance to meet potential new business partners or customers. Continue growing your business with Invest Gippsland’s networking events.

Browse our event’s calendar here for any Invest Gippsland events near you. If you have any events that you would like listed on our calendar please contact us here.