Gippsland’s rich heritage in the energy sector is also the foundation of our future. For years, our region has been a catalyst for innovation and a key component of Australia’s energy supply chain, evolving and adapting with the needs of our nation.

A Strong Industrial Backbone
For decades, Gippsland’s energy and industry have been synonymous. Our roots in these sectors have not only contributed to the region’s growth but have also provided invaluable insights into energy’s shifting landscape. As the world builds towards more sustainable energy solutions, Gippsland’s significant experience becomes our strongest asset.

Victoria’s Path to Renewable Leadership
Victoria is setting the pace in Australia’s renewable journey. With robust plans like cutting down emissions drastically by 2035, our state is heavily investing in a sustainable future. Gippsland, with its storied history in energy, is perfectly poised to play a pivotal role in this vision.

Gippsland’s Ambition in Renewables
Our ambitions stretch beyond just adapting to the renewable era; we are leading the change. With a proposed investment of over $40 billion and clear objectives for power generation, we’re gearing up for a future where Gippsland remains at the centre of Victoria’s energy network.

The Future Is Collaborative
The future of energy isn’t just in harnessing power from the elements but in partnerships and collaborations. To businesses, entrepreneurs, and visionaries eyeing growth in the renewable sector: Gippsland is ready. We offer a blend of rich industrial history and experienced, locally based knowledge centres, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a collective vision for a sustainable future.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow
Introducing Gippsland New Energy. This portal provides a course of information about renewable energy technologies and our journey into the new energy era, offering insights into renewable technologies, infrastructure developments, and the steps we’re taking to ensure Gippsland remains at the heart of Australia’s energy sector.

Visit to find out more.

It’s more than just a platform; it’s a testament to Gippsland’s commitment. We bridge the gap between knowledge and innovation, shedding light on cultural and environmental aspects, community engagements, and local skill-building avenues. As we have powered Victoria for generations, this dedication will only grow stronger, driving us into a sustainable future.

Gippsland’s geographical and historical position arms it with unique capabilities to usher in a renewable era.

We’re at the forefront, hosting Australia’s inaugural Offshore Wind Declared Area.
As one of Victoria’s six designated renewable energy zones (REZ), our commitment is palpable.

As the region transitions from coal, with closures like Hazelwood in 2017 and upcoming ones like Yallourn in 2028 and Loy Yang A in 2035, our focus shifts to diverse energy sources. With significant progress and investment already underway, including offshore and onshore wind, solar farms, robust battery systems, and pioneering hydrogen projects.

These ventures don’t just mark a transition; they symbolise growth. With a number of benefits awaiting our community, from job creation, economic upliftment, to environmental rejuvenation, Gippsland’s new energy blueprint is a the future of our region.

Be Part of Gippsland’s Next Chapter
We invite you and your businesses to tap into Gippsland’s potential. As we move towards a more sustainable tomorrow, the opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration in Gippsland have never been more promising.

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