Approval processes & liaisons

Invest Gippsland provides a wealth of knowledge and services to assist with your development approval process and statutory approval coordination. Whether you need assistance with property requirements, site identification or facilitation of planning approvals, our Invest Gippsland advisors will provide all the support you need and help you liaise with the relevant authorities, at the national or regional level.

Our close collaboration with all levels of government, means we can efficiently assist you with a wide range of state and local government approvals. We help you understand approval processes as well as license and permit requirements specific to your situation. Part of our service is the facilitation of negotiations with relevant government agencies and assistance with planning, development, environmental, health and safety approvals and other regulatory controls. Let us help you liaise with public and private authorities to save you time and money.

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Business services for companies

Whether you are setting up a new business or are expanding into Gippsland, you may require access to local support professionals such as lawyers, bankers, accounting firms, recruitment agencies and marketing specialists. Our region has numerous successful businesses providing these services and they are ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Starting a business

Setting up a new business generally requires a lot of research and a thorough understanding of the country’s and region’s laws, regulations and requirements. And that’s exactly where Invest Gippsland comes in to help make the process that much quicker and easier for you. We have an extended network of contacts with government authorities at all levels and can get you in touch with a wide range of service providers to give your new business the best possible start.

Learn more about successfully setting up a business here.

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