East Gippsland is eastern Victoria’s major economic region with a diverse population and industry profile, growing economy, stable labour force and an abundance of primary produce and natural resources. East Gippsland is clean, green and beautiful, with significant natural and ecological advantages, large areas of national and state reserves and Australia’s largest inland water system.

East Gippsland’s lifestyle is about more than our famous natural beauty. Affordable housing, strong employment, quality healthcare, excellent education infrastructure including tertiary options, and plentiful land supply, all add to our competitive advantage. The region also caters well for families by offering a broad range of childcare and developmental services.

East Gippsland’s economy, like the region itself, is diverse and robust, with strong industry sectors including manufacturing; construction; agriculture and food, forestry and fishing; retail trade; and property and business services. Some of Australia’s leading brands and businesses operate from East Gippsland including the world’s largest pie manufacturer, Patties Foods Ltd, Australia’s largest trawling fishing fleet and Australia’s largest fresh cut horticulture business, Vegco.

Data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and analysed by Remplan found the total annual estimated gross output generated by business in East Gippsland in June 2018 was $4.69 billion.
East Gippsland is a region of diversity and opportunity with a growing economy creating new business and employment opportunities in the region.

Key Advantages


East Gippsland boasts a strong export industry in agriculture, food growing and manufacturing. Lakes Entrance is the home of one of Australia’s largest fishing fleets, while Mallacoota is the base of a significant abalone industry.


Adventure and nature tourism in East Gippsland is strong, taking advantage of the expansive clean green environment and Australia’s largest inland lake system.


Centrally located between market markets of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney

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