Gippsland Natural Beef

Gippsland Natural Beef

Gippsland Natural is produced by a group of passionate farmers spread across Gippsland from Phillip Island to Traralgon and from Neerim South in the hills to Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland, all sharing a passion and dedication to follow our produce through to the end consumer – be that a leading chefs or discerning home cooks and parents looking to provide healthy tasty grass-fed beef for their kids.

Gippsland Natural was one of Australia’s first producer groups to develop a brand for their beef, and while some members have changed over the years, Gippsland Natural continues to strive to maintain the connection between the producer and the end user of their produce, and are open to more members joining the group and of course more people trying and working with our produce.

Most of Gippsland Natural producers raise Angus or Angus-cross cattle. Cattle are grown out to 18-24 months of age and throughout this time are carefully looked after to minimise stress. No hormonal growth promotants are used and cattle graze in a free-range environment and are not penned up in feedlots at any stage.

Environmentally certified – sustainable beef

Gippsland Natural has embraced a world-class farm management system that assesses the environmental impacts of our farming and develop procedures to manage and reduce these impacts. They monitor and document farming practices in areas such as grazing management, soil and fertiliser management, weed and pest management, chemical management, biodiversity & water quality.

Most Gippsland Natural farmers have the Enviromeat EMS in place which is externally audited & compliant with ISO 14001 and strives for continuous on-farm environmental improvement.

No artificial hormones or antibiotics

Unlike much feedlot-produced beef, Gippsland Natural is raised naturally with no artificial growth-promoting hormones.

Guaranteed tender

Gippsland Natural was one of the first brands to adopt the MSA grading system. Their beef is a consistently tender MSA 3, 4 & 5* eating experience across a range of cuts and cooking methods.

Direct from farm to fork

As a producer-owned cooperative style of operation, Gippsland Natural works hard to maintain a production system flexible enough to supply volume but small enough to ensure traceability. They supply direct into select butchers, restaurants, cafes, home and workplaces.