Latrobe City is the only Regional City in eastern Victoria and boasts a diverse economy, fostering an environment of growth and innovation. With coordinated State and Local Government support, it makes Latrobe City an easy and efficient place to set up a business. Latrobe City Council is dedicated to ensuring suitably zoned land is best positioned to support new and existing industry and employment opportunities.

We recognise that a strong linkage between education, industry and the community is required to achieve a strong economy into the future. Latrobe City has a regional university and boasts a wide range of education choices, catering to all education needs. The workforce is strongly represented by those with certificate and post-school qualifications (34%), which is reflective of the traditional heavy industry located in Latrobe City.

Traditionally recognised as the heart of Victoria’s electricity industry, today Latrobe City offers a range of other sectors contributing to its economy. As a matter of fact, a diverse range of products and services are exported around the world including coal, pulp and paper products, manufacturing, agribusiness, aviation, and education.

Latrobe City Council has energy and vision, and is committed to building a sustainable, diversified and innovative business environment.

Key Advantages


Vibrant Regional City, it is the commercial hub and service centre for Gippsland.


First-rate utility services, including electricity, water, gas, waste water management solutions and NBN connection.


Processing potential, Latrobe City is surrounded by highly productive dairy and vegetable production industries and Latrobe City is well suited to become the food processing centre for Gippsland.

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