Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland soon to open!

Gippsland’s exciting and new Hi-Tech Precinct, located in the heart of the Latrobe Valley, will officially open its doors in December this year.

Operating as a partnership between the Victorian Government, Federation University, TAFE Gippsland and the Latrobe City Council, the Precinct will foster innovation at a local, national and international level. It aims to maximise collaboration between business and industry and expand Gippsland growth sectors including health, food and fibre, advanced manufacturing and new energy.

The Precinct will be home to the Morwell Innovation Centre, Gippsland Tech School, TAFE Gippsland Morwell Campus and Kernot Hall, but will also create a virtual network of opportunities.

The Morwell Innovation Centre – will be a hub of collaboration between researchers, educators and local industry to help shape an exciting future for Gippsland. The region’s private sector will have the opportunity to establish new markets, develop new products and technologies, and increase workforce skills at the hub. The link between research and industry will help solve the problems of tomorrow.

Long-term, this fantastic new facility will position the Latrobe Valley as a leader in regional innovation, bringing economic and social benefit to the Gippsland region.

For more information on the benefits of doing business at Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland, access the website here.

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