A re-installation of Gippsland’s history in a unique underground cellar

Gurneys Cider, located on the outskirts of Foster in South Gippsland, is currently undertaking an exciting and unique venture as the business continues to grow. The cidery is constructing a massive underground cellar to store their cider at a consistent temperature year-round. It will be the biggest underground cider cellar in the world when completed, stretching more than 30 metres. Not only breaking world records, what makes this project so special is that fact it will be built using recycled materials from the recently demolished Hazelwood Power Station towers down the road.

In May this year, the Gippsland skyline transformed with the demolition of the eight 137-metre-high Hazelwood towers. The coal-fired power station was originally built in the 1960s and shut down in 2017. This demolition was the beginning of the entire plant’s demolition process set to play out over the coming years. It was a momentous occasion for the region with power and energy such significant industries, and the towers such a landmark to locals.

The Gurnett Family, of Gurneys Cider, will bring these iconic towers back to life in an entirely different way. Over 300 tonnes of concrete and steel have been recycled from the demolition and will be installed into the new cellar.

This is a huge step for the family-owned and run business which opened in 2018. The team is innovative and unique in all aspects of their business. From the locally sourced timber found throughout the cellar door, to the truly unique Gippsland style of cider they aim to produce, and now this. We will be sure to keep an eye on its progress, and encourage you to as well, by liking their social media pages on the links below or even visiting the picturesque location of their orchard and cellar door overlooking Corner Inlet and the Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

Follow the progress of this exciting project on the Gurney Cider Facebook Page and check out the progress photos below.

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